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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation, One Treatment Area, 30 Minutes $190

One "Treatment Area" is up to 8.5 x 11 inches, which is the size of a standard piece of paper. Any region that requires bilateral treatment (i.e. outer thighs, etc.), would be considered as 1.5 or 2 Treatment Areas.

Abdomen - 1 Treatment Area (larger abdomen may be more than one area)
Arms - 1 Treatment Area
Flanks / Lovehandles / Muffin Top - 2 Treatment Areas
Midback / Brafat - 1 Treatment Area
Outer Thighs (also referred to as saddle bags) - 2 Treatment Areas
Inner Thighs - 1.5 Treatment Areas
Back of the Thighs (under the buttocks) - 1.5 Treatment Areas
Front of the Thighs - 1.5 Treatment Areas
Buttocks - 2 Treatment Areas
Knees - 1.5 Treatment Areas

How many sessions do I need and how often can I come?

The treatment will usually show an immediate change. We recommend one session per week and not less than 3 to 12 sessions depending on the individual's desired results. A typical session lasts a maximum of 40 to 50 minutes (20 minutes of Ultrasonic Cavitation and 20 minutes of RF) depending on the patient and the area treated. The interval between each session on average is a week.

After the initial treatments are completed, maintenance treatments consist of 1 session each month for 4 months followed by one treatment every 4 months.

Warning: DO NOT start this treatment under the following circumstances:

During menstruation (do not apply to abdomen), pregnant or breastfeeding, infections and diseases of the, high or unbalanced cholesterol, thyroid disease and other hormonal disorders, any chronic diseases, immune diseases, heart disease or pacemakers, autoimmune diseases, HIV or AIDS, cancer in any form at any time, severe high blood pressure or circulation problems, liver or kidney disease, treatment with anti-inflammatory, anticoagulants, antibiotics, or you are under the age of 18.


Excellent service and great results!!!
I booked my facial with Nora, expecting a regular facial where products were applied to my face, massaged in, then wiped off…my facial was completely different. I had a microdermabrasion for the first time. I was worried that it might irritate my sensitive skin, but I did not feel any discomfort and my face did not get red at all. The light and oxygen therapy really felt like a "ski vacation" as my therapist called it. I was amazed at the noticeable difference in my skin at the end of the facial, and I LOVED it!! Definitely worth every penny!...

Graciella P.

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