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Dermatude Meta Therapy

Face Lift Alternative

We focus on bringing you the most effective, natural and scientific developments in skin rejuvenation solutions.

Our products and treatments are developed to target and achieve a wide range of skin goals such as Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Large Pores, Acne Scars, Sagging Skin and much more.

Dermatude Meta Therapy

When cleansing, toning and moisturizing is no longer enough to stave off the natural signs of ageing, there are many options we can choose to tackle fine lines, wrinkles and dry, dehydrated skin. Some procedures however, may involve the use of filler injections or cosmetic surgeries. For some of us this is simply not an option and we seek a less invasive approach.

Meta Therapy stands for Medical & Esthetical Tissue Activation Therapy and combines the benefits of skin rejuvenation, hydration stimulation, anti-ageing and recovery in one unique treatment, and it's 100% natural.

Dermatude delivers a dual action treatment to the skin. It creates thousands of precise, microscopic perforations in the surface of the skin, which activates its own repair process, stimulating collagen and elastin to repair these perforations. Whilst the perforations are being created, active, natural ingredients are driven in to the skin, which can be tailor-made to your specific concern. These ingredients nourish the live cells and create a healthier, plumped up and clearer skin appearance with no harmful chemicals.

Dermatude Meta Therapy can treat a variety of concerns to the face, neck and décolletage:

Dermatude Meta Therapy
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dry, dehydrated skin.
  • Dull skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.
  • Acne scarring.

No inflammation or downtime, you can go back to your activities immediately.

For significant skin structure improvement, especially for Face Lift and treatment of Sun Damage. For Ultimate results, we recommend 6 treatments, 10 days apart.

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Excellent service and great results!!!
I booked my facial with Nora, expecting a regular facial where products were applied to my face, massaged in, then wiped off…my facial was completely different. I had a microdermabrasion for the first time. I was worried that it might irritate my sensitive skin, but I did not feel any discomfort and my face did not get red at all. The light and oxygen therapy really felt like a "ski vacation" as my therapist called it. I was amazed at the noticeable difference in my skin at the end of the facial, and I LOVED it!! Definitely worth every penny!...

Graciella P.

Eva Longoria on OxyLight